Decreasing Number of Doctors -Why?

The most recent update from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AMMC) revealed an estimate of 120,000 physician shortage by the year 2030. Every year the total amount of physicians is declining. Since the HITECH ACT implemented Meaningful Use 10 years ago, being a physician has not been the most favorable aspiration. This policy has been …

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How Medical Scribes Can Benefit You and Your Office

As a qualitative medical scribe training company who prepares professional medical scribes to assist office or outpatient providers, it is imperative that we shine light on the research study “Impact of scribes on patient interaction, productivity, and revenue in cardiology clinic: a prospective study.” The indisputable results from this particular study reveals the significance of using …

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Medical Scribe Vs Clinical Assistant

Are you thinking about using one of your assistants as a medical scribe? The primary responsibility of the medical scribe is to accurately document information in real-time. Scribes cannot work independently or document any information other than what is specifically told to them by the provider.  In addition, all documentation from the scribe is reviewed …

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You Are Not Alone!

We appreciate The Physicians Foundation organization and Merritt Hawkins, both highly credible and recognizable programs. Together, these two programs brought light to the perspectives of tens of thousands of physicians across the United States with the “2016 Survey of America’s Physicians.” After reading this excerpt, you will see that you are not alone! Our country …

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“Are Scribes Worth It?”

We want to supply healthcare providers with services that allows them to perform quality patient care at a faster rate and with less effort. We want you to solely focus on your patients while we document your entire encounter.  There will be a reduction in average door-to-doctor time, an increase in the amount of patient’s assessed per hour, a decrease in the amount of down-coded charts, a reduction in the patients average length of stay, and more. Ultimately …

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