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GSN’s Free Scribe Course allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the medical scribe role. This course covers medical content that is relevant to the position and strategies that will enable scribes to perform beyond their expectations. Our medical scribe educators will share a couple of lessons with you to teach you how to excel as a scribe. We will even assess your ability to maintain the information by issuing quizzes for each topic.

Remember, this is a short free course. If you are interested in seeking an advanced scribe education, earning a scribe certification, and receiving assistance with landing your first scribe job, then you want to register for one of our medical scribe training programs. This is the same program we use to train the medical staff for hundreds of medical practices across the country.

Your journey begins now!

  • Enrollment in this course closed on 12/05/2020.

14 thoughts on “Free Scribe Course”

  1. Hello I registered for the free scribe course and I was unable to start the course when I registered Dec.1st due to personal reasons. I am back on my feet and was about to start the free scribe course but it says I cannot because the enrollment closed. I am confused because I thought we can register for the course when we could and we would have 3 days to complete everything. I was looking forward to finally being able to start and complete the course but it closed on Dec. 05. Is there a way I can take the course right now since I was unable to back in the beginning of Dec. for personal reasons please.
    Thank You,

    1. Hello Karina, that sounds accurate. For the free course, there was a 1 week registration window. After registering for the course, you are given 3 days to complete the course. After 3 days from registration, your access expires no matter where you are in the course. We do not have a set schedule for when we make the free course available. I suspect that we will make it available again in the future, but there is no way to tell when that will be.

  2. after we complete the course, what is the next steps to employment? &’ i think what you’re doing is amazing and will definitely help so many pre health students.

    1. Hey Annice. Once you enroll into the course, you should immediately be redirected to your first lesson. You can proceed to the next course by using the toggle button at the bottom of each module. You can also use list of lessons at the upper right hand of the page to choose which lesson you want to do. If you cannot access a lesson, this means you have not successfully completed the previous lesson. To complete a lesson, you have to either successfully pass its quiz or if it does not have a quiz, you have to click “Mark Complete” near the toggle button. Please, let me know if this was helpful.


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