Scribe Recruiting and Integration Program

Providers or administrators are given step-by-step instructions on how to recruit, screen, hire, and integrate their own scribe into their practice. Furthermore, we cover how to best use our medical scribe program for the best training results. We help you develop your own scribe system for your practice. We also have templates for you to use. This means that everything is already done for you.

Course Information

•Qualities of the Perfect Scribe
•Recruiting the Perfect Scribe
•Screening and Interviewing the Perfect Scribe
•Hiring and Orientation
•Online Medical Scribe Education
•Medical Scribe Education Tutorial
•Scribe Observation and EHR/EMR 
•Practice Makes Perfect
•Integration and Delineation

Estimated Time: 100 Minutes

Course Instructor

Abdulai Abdulai Author

I am a medical student. Prior to medical school, I scribed in the emergency department and multiple podiatrist offices for two years. I believe medical scribing is the best experience a pre-med student can have. I train medical scribes here at Great Scribes Nationwide. The best teachers are the best learners, so I appreciate the opportunity to extend my knowledge!

Provider or Administrator Access

1 year of access

Learn how to hire and recruit the perfect scribe for your practice!

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