GSN Medical Scribe Educators

We are a team of experienced educators who are devoted to providing the best education for medical scribes. GSN is highly selective of their medical scribe educators.

All scribe educators have a minimum of two years of medical scribe experience in the specialty for which they teach. Scribe educators also have a minimum of one year of scribe training experience. Furthermore, all current scribe educators are either holding a professional medical license (e.g M.D., D.O., P.A., or N.P.) or pursuing one (student).

Our Current Team

Podiatry Scribe Educator



"I am a medical student. Prior to medical school, I scribed in the emergency department and multiple podiatrist offices for two years. I believe medical scribing is the best experience a pre-med student can have. I train medical scribes here at Great Scribes Nationwide. The best teachers are the best learners, so I appreciate the opportunity to extend my knowledge!"


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Family Medicine Scribe Educator



"I am a practicing Physician Assistant (PA). Prior to PA school, I worked as a scribe in multiple hospital and outpatient settings. My experience as a medical scribe was absolutely priceless during my academic journey to my current profession. I am so very excited to help you on your journey."


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Pediatric Scribe Educator



"I am a pre-med student. I have over two years of medical scribe experience in both pediatric and family practices. Being able to lessen the documentation load for physicians and therefore improve their patient interactions has been fulfilling. Becoming a medical scribe is a great decision, and I am excited to help prepare you for success! "


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