GSN Medical Scribe Educators

We are a team of experienced educators who are devoted to providing the best education for medical scribes. GSN is highly selective of their medical scribe educators.

All scribe educators have a minimum of two years of medical scribe experience in the specialty for which they teach. Scribe educators also have a minimum of one year of scribe training experience. Furthermore, all current scribe educators are either holding a professional medical license (e.g M.D., D.O., P.A., or N.P.) or pursuing one (student).

Our Current Team

Podiatry Scribe Educator


"I am a medical student. Prior to medical school, I scribed in the emergency department and multiple podiatrist offices for two years. I believe medical scribing is the best experience a pre-med student can have. I train medical scribes here at Great Scribes Nationwide. The best teachers are the best learners, so I appreciate the opportunity to extend my knowledge!"


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Family Medicine Scribe Educator



"I am a practicing Physician Assistant (PA). Prior to PA school, I worked as a scribe in multiple hospital and outpatient settings. My experience as a medical scribe was absolutely priceless during my academic journey to my current profession. I am so very excited to help you on your journey."


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