Medical Scribe: A Growing Industry

The scribe industry is rapidly growing and we don’t want you to miss the out!

The transparent benefits of having a medical scribe have spread across the nation and have now extended to neighboring countries, including Canada. Medical scribes have definitely found their role in healthcare as they increase in numbers, estimated to increase to 100,000 from 15,000 by the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS).

We must give thanks to founding companies such as ScribeAmerica, which envisioned the benefits of providers to have a scribe. If by chance, there is any doubt of the enhanced performance that a provider can receive with a medical scribe, we highly encourage you to read a recently published research study,Effects of medical scribes on physician productivity in a Canadian emergency department: a pilot study.Furthermore, there are many previously published studies which revealed similar benefits in outpatient/physician-office settings.

The growth of the medical scribe industry has given many providers the opportunity to increase patient volume, increase patient interaction time, increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and more. Furthermore, it has given future healthcare professionals the opportunity to have a great amount of clinical experience as they are with the provider during their entire shift.

If you are a provider or future healthcare professional, the scribe industry might just be for you!

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