Scribe Infinity Package

This holiday we are releasing our scribe infinity package for an incredible holiday price for a short period of time. This is our first subscription package. This package will allow medical practices to enroll as many students as they would like into our medical scribe education courses. Students can be enrolled into any course that we have available on our website. Those courses are listed below. Courses created in the future will also become available to you.

Medical Scribe Basic/Foundational Course

Medical Scribe Family Medicine Course

Medical Scribe Pediatrics Course

Medical Scribe Podiatry Course

If you are a practice that has current and future employees that can benefit from patient charting education, this is the plan for you. You can enroll all employees at once or one at a time throughout the year. In addition, you will have access to a scribe management expert, unlimited examination remediations for your students, and all benefits that are included in our popular scribe priming solution package.

This is our first time offering this holiday special! We believe that many of our medical practices will be pleased, but we would still like to hear your honest feedbacks in order to continue to improve our services for you.

Membership Instructor

Abdulai Abdulai Author

I am a medical scribe training expert and orthopaedic surgery candidate for the 2023 match. I scribed in the emergency department and multiple podiatrist offices for two years prior to medical school. I believe medical scribing is the best experience a premedical student can have. I train medical scribes here at Great Scribes Nationwide. The best teachers are the best learners, so I appreciate the opportunity to extend my knowledge!


per month for 12 total payments

You can enroll as many students as you would like throughout the year!


per year

Subscribing to our annual plan would allow you to save more money and receive the same benefits!

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