Why Choose GSN?

Online Training Program

Speciality Based Training

Training Certifications

Have an online in-house training program for your staff and future employees. Avoid the disadvantages of staff contracting which include higher cost, contract obligations, and less control.

Have your staff training catered to your practice. Shorten their learning curve by allowing them to understand and anticipate common presentations in your practice. Allow them to hit the ground running!

Have all staff competence proven with training certifications. All students must successfully pass all quizzes and end of course exams in order to receive their certifications. Course content includes clinical scenarios. 

Turnkey Service

GSN scribe solutions will allow your staff or new scribe hire to make a huge impact on your workflow. You will receive immediate charting benefits, more efficient billing, clinical staff training, and more. 

Great Scribes

Great scribes promote great lives! The latest edition of Survey of America’s Physicians reveals that 80% of physicians across the nation feeling overwhelmed and incapable of providing their utmost quality of care! GSN will prevent you from succumbing to these circumstances! 

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Exceeding Expectations

GSN programs prepare medical scribes to document your charts in real-time allowing for each patient note to be completed before you exit the patient room. GSN’s training go as far as preparing your scribe to understand evaluation and management, place diagnostic test orders, and bill E/M and CPT codes. 

GSN’s training allows medical scribes to become masters of their work!

Vision & Values

GSN strives to assist healthcare providers or administrators with medical scribe solutions. GSN pushes for every provider to be able to keep up with high volumes of patients and reduce provider burnout. Furthermore, providers are encouraged to be unplugged from their work after patient hours by ensuring that all charts are completed by the end of the each shift. 

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