You Are Not Alone!

We appreciate The Physicians Foundation organization and Merritt Hawkins, both highly credible and recognizable programs. Together, these two programs brought light to the perspectives of tens of thousands of physicians across the United States with the “2016 Survey of America’s Physicians.” After reading this excerpt, you will see that you are not alone!

Our country will see a 90,400 deficit in our amount of doctors by the year 2025. Regulations (such as Meaningful use and PQRS) and EHRs are depriving physicians from providing quality of care. Doctors are spending as much time and if not more time away from their patients than with their patients. Furthermore, there is an increased risk of losing revenue. These beleaguering circumstances are scarring doctors away and it only gets worse. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) will take effect in the year 2019! By this year, almost every doctor across the country will start to see a 4% increase/decrease in reimbursement. By the year 2022, their will be a 9% increase/decrease. Surprisingly, there are less than 20% of physicians who are familiar with MACRA!

Here are what the doctors are saying, these are key findings from “2016 Survey of America’s Physicians.”

  • “48% of physicians plan to cut-back on hours, retire…”
  • “72% indicate that external factors such as third party authorizations significantly detract from the quality of care..”
  • “60% of physicians say electronic health records (EHRs) have detracted them from patient interaction.”
  • “80% of physicians are overextended or at capacity…”
  • “27% do not see Medicare patients, or limit the number they see.”


How are we going to prevent you from succumbing to these circumstances?

Great Scribes Nationwide services compose of training efficient medical scribes who will be at your side during the time of seeing patients. They will document your entire encounters in real-time format. We take pride in completing each note prior to you exiting the room with your patient. We understand appropriate elements for E/M and CPT codes in order to serve as an additional biller.  With this type of coverage, you will no longer need to worry about an EHR or losing money with down-coded charts. You will be free from  obligations. Research (Impact of scribes on patient interaction, productivity, and revenue in a cardiology clinic: a prospective study) reveals that 65 hours with a medical scribe can facilitate  seeing 81 more patients and accumulating an additional $200,000.00. During research, each scribe was staffed at $25.00/hour for 65 hours. These numbers equate to $1,625.00 which is less than 1% of the additional funds acquired. It is clear to see the lucrative investment of staffing a medical scribe. Wow! That is a 99% profit margin! We allow you to unplug yourself from your office and work. No longer will you have to spend extra hours completing charts!

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