Scribe Priming Solution


How Do They Compare?

Scribe Training Program

Scribe Priming Solution

The Scribe Training Program encompasses 55+ modules, 34+ quizzes, and 4 examinations.

The Scribe Priming Solution includes all of the Scribe Training Program features plus a Hiring and Management System.

GSN’s Scribe Priming Solution is recommended for medical practices interested in having their own scribe training system. The $25 examination remediation fee will be waived for each student every time they need to remediate an exam. The Scribe Recruiting and Integration program comes with step-by-step guidance on how to identify, train, and integrate the perfect scribe into your practice whether it be a current staff member or a new hire. This program also has the following: scribe integration forms (eg scribe-policy, scribe competency validation) customizable to your practice, successful training schedules, scribe manuals, medical terminology and medical billing packets, and more. You have the choice to use these resources within your HR department or have our team do all of the work for you! Our scribe management expert will carry you to your goals with practice analysis, recommendations, and one-on-one sessions!
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