This is a great way for healthcare providers or administrators to incorporate a trustable online medical scribe training program in their practice, have a specialty trained staff, and have all staff competence proven with medical scribe certifications.

Online Medical Scribe Programs.
Specialty Based Training.
Training Certifications.
For Staff and Students!

Providers And Administrators Can Now Have Scribes Specifically Tailored To Their Practice And At Their Own Price With GSN’s Scribe Priming Solution!

Physicians Spotlight

Scribe Priming Solution

More Training!

GSN's programs ensure efficient documentation with specialty-based education tailored to your practice!

More Time!

GSN's programs allow for clinicians to have more time for their patients and themselves, creating work-life balance.

Less Cost!

GSN's programs allow for providers or offices to acquire a medical scribe at the price of a medical assistant.

Pre-Health Professional Students Spotlight

Clinicians and Students Testimonials

Providers & Administrators

Incorporate a trustable online medical scribe training program for your practice!


Earn your PMSC certification and prepare to work side-by-side with healthcare clinicians!

Students Will Be Awarded PMSC certifications To Verify Competence!

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