We allow medical practices to free their providers from patient charting burdens by training their staff to function as scribes. Our scribe priming solution offers a full turn key service including recruiting, hiring, training, and management. We are the best solution for medical providers seeking scribes specifically tailored to their practice!

Online Medical Scribe Education.
Specialty Based Documentation.
Medical Billing and Coding.

Medical Practices Can Now Avoid Scribe Contracts And Employ Their Own Scribes Without Recruiting, Hiring, And Training With GSN’s Scribe Priming Solution!

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Scribe Priming Solution

Specialty Based Documentation!

Our programs offer a comprehensive education of common conditions treated in your practice. This allows for quicker and more efficient documentation by way of anticipation and understanding!

Medical Billing Training!

Students learn ICD-10 and CPT codes that are appropriate for your specialty. Our medical billing training will give you an extra medical biller for your practice!

Full Turn Key Service!

GSN's recruiting team is available 24/7 for practices interested in hiring new employees instead of training their current staff. In 2 weeks, high quality candidates will be ready for your practice!

Training Includes