The Professional Medical Scribe Certification

The Professional Medical Scribe Certification (PMSC) is an accreditation in accordance with The Joint Commission guidelines. GSN's education programs are in compliance with The National Medical Scribe Association's pre-clinical training and cover the following areas:
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Earning the PMSC Certification

The PMSC is awarded to students who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the pre-clinical concepts covered in GSN’s advanced/specialty-based medical scribe programs. Students comprehension is assessed with an one hundred question PMSC examination. The PMSC examination is included with program registration. However, if a student does not successfully pass the PMSC examination, that student will be allowed to remediate after 48 hours for a remediation fee of $25.00USD. 

Clarification: Certificate and Certification

Certificate – Students can either enroll into the basic medical scribe course or an advanced/specialty-based program. Advanced/specialty-based programs are composed of both the basic medical scribe course and an advanced/specialty-based course specific for the program’s specialty (e.g family medicine program compose of the basic course and family medicine course). Students are immediately awarded with certificates of completion after finishing a basic or advanced/specialty course. This achievement is not the same as the professional medical scribe certification (PMSC).

Certification – The PMSC can only be achieved by successfully passing the PMSC examination which is offered after completing an advanced/specialty-based program. The PMSC cannot be achieved by enrolling into the basic medical course alone. 

Steps to Certification
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