How Medical Scribes Can Benefit You and Your Office

As a qualitative medical scribe training company who prepares professional medical scribes to assist office or outpatient providers, it is imperative that we shine light on the research study “Impact of scribes on patient interaction, productivity, and revenue in cardiology clinic: a prospective study.” The indisputable results from this particular study reveals the significance of using a medical scribe.

This study greatly resembles the settings at which our scribes will be working: office or outpatient settings. In comparison with a physician-solo practice plan, researched has revealed that a physician-scribe practice plan is the better choice by a wide margin. The results were huge!

Highlights from the study:

  • The amount of patients treated per hour increased!
  • The amount of down-coded charts decreased!
  • Patient interaction time was greater!
  • Patient satisfaction improved!
  • And more!

Medical scribes have proven to be of value to the medical community. Furthermore, Great Scribes Nationwide makes it our duty to exceed each provider’s expectation by incorporating a high-quality medical scribe training.

Work Cited:

Bank AJ, Obetz C, Konrardy A, et al. Impact of scribes on patient interaction, productivity, and revenue in a cardiology clinic: a prospective study. ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research: CEOR. 2013;5:399-406. doi:10.2147/CEOR.S49010.


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