I am a medical scribe training expert and orthopaedic surgery candidate for the 2023 match. I scribed in the emergency department and multiple podiatrist offices for two years prior to medical school. I believe medical scribing is the best experience a premedical student can have. I train medical scribes here at Great Scribes Nationwide. The best teachers are the best learners, so I appreciate the opportunity to extend my knowledge!

Medical Scribe Options for Pre-Health Professional Students

Free Scribe Course Below Introduction It is no surprise that medical scribing is one of the best clinical experiences for pre-health professional students (premed, prePA, preNP). Out of all entry-level clinical positions, medical scribing is the only role that requires the worker to operate with a healthcare professional throughout their entire shift. This element alone …

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Medical Scribe Solutions for Independent Practices

Introduction Although electronic medical records (EMR) have enhanced the management of patient care, they have also burdened healthcare providers with tedious and time-consuming clerical tasks. This dilemma has led to providers spending less time with their patients and accumulating a stockpile of incomplete patient notes. These hindrances have caused providers to succumb to a poor …

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Decreasing Number of Doctors -Why?

The most recent update from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AMMC) revealed an estimate of 120,000 physician shortage by the year 2030. Every year the total amount of physicians is declining. Since the HITECH ACT implemented Meaningful Use 10 years ago, being a physician has not been the most favorable aspiration. This policy has been …

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Medical Scribe Vs Clinical Assistant

Are you thinking about using one of your assistants as a medical scribe? The primary responsibility of the medical scribe is to accurately document information in real-time. Scribes cannot work independently or document any information other than what is specifically told to them by the provider.  In addition, all documentation from the scribe is reviewed …

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