Decreasing Number of Doctors -Why?

The most recent update from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AMMC) revealed an estimate of 120,000 physician shortage by the year 2030. Every year the total amount of physicians is declining. Since the HITECH ACT implemented Meaningful Use 10 years ago, being a physician has not been the most favorable aspiration. This policy has been the reason for many physicians to retire early. Furthermore the reason for many aspiring physicians to consider an alternate career path. 

So if the amount of physicians is declining, does this mean that the active physicians will have to see more patients? Yes! How, when they have to spend a good bit of time on the EMR system? You already know the answer. For these reasons, the medical scribe position has the highest growth percentage of all medical jobs, having over a 500% growth rate from 2015. Merritt Hawkins is the most credible source for physician reviews and they elaborate more on this idea with their Survey of American Physicians.

If you don’t think having a medical scribe is as necessary as having a medical assistant then think again. 

By the way, Meaningful Use is now redesigned and incorporated into MACRA.

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